HOLD THE ROPE for the week of July 6, 2020

Update on Al Blackburn  --

Al has completed his fifth round of chemo – one still to go in August!  This week he sees his primary care doctor in order to be released to once again drive.  Thank the Lord and continue to pray for his complete restoration.

Praise and thank the Lord for –

·        The many, many new or renewed church contacts that are being reestablished because of the “Do You Wonder Why” booklet distribution

·        The several churches that are going to use our chapter’s virtual 5-Day Club® in one fashion or another

·        Psalm 91 --  God is our refuge,  shelter, shadow, and fortress – He is a great and good God, there is no other

Please join me in praying for –

·        Those children and families who receive a copy of the “DYWW” booklets – our great and good God can use this little tool to bring many to Himself for forgiveness

·        The chapter staff as we launch the virtual 5-Day Club on the chapter’s YouTube channel – ask Him to use this for His glory throughout the summer

·        Other Illinois chapters as they conduct face-to-face clubs – pray all will be safe and that CEF workers will be wise as they work with these children – several this season have already come to the Lord

·        Bob Conterez, a faithful Good News Club® worker who  had surgery and some complication – we are asking the Lord to bring him healing and comfort to his wife Pat

·        Lex Johnson (Ruth’s son) – healing and salvation

·        Future ministry of CEF – due to the virus, we have no idea what the new school year will be like; pray we might effectively discern God’s will and direction for reaching boys and girls with the gospel

·        God’s faithful provision – if you sense the Lord leading and urging you to financially partner with CEF, please go to our chapter website (www.cef3rivers.org) and click on the “Donate Now” button found on the opening page – thanks so very much.

·        The children and families in our nation and pray that the Church will be a strong, sensitive, and loving witness of the Lord Jesus Christ.

·        We will be in Kankakee County this week delivering “DYWW” booklets – all toll for the chapter we will give out at least 2,000 if not more – pray for the effectiveness and that the Lord Jesus will be exalted

·        My family – Andrea, Adam, Steve, Sue, and myself – we need His encouragement – pray we will each be in the Word daily and love Him more deeply

·        Chapter-wide school districts, members of school boards, and administrators as they take on the giant task of making plans for the fall and ask the Lord to make a way for us to be part

·        Safety of our children

·        Wisdom as we think and plan for the possibility of our annual back to school event – we do not want to just distribute supplies, primarily we want to present the truth of the gospel in an effective way.

You, my friend, by praying keep us strong and focused – bless your heart for this vital partnership and ministry of prayer.  - Mike

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