HOLD THE ROPE for the week of November 21, 2022

During this week of Thanksgiving, let’s together praise our God for –

·        His power and righteous sovereignty – we may fully trust Him 

in all of life’s challenges – He loves us forever and He is always with us

·        The children at Elwood School who have come to the Lord and for the 

parents who expressed a desire to see the club come back again

·        Clubs that are going strong at Saratoga and also for the determination 

to keep the club going at Liberty School; praise Him too for the Morris Grade

 School club – very well attended

·        The remarks of several of our virtual club kids last Wednesday – 

“I know you could be sitting on your couch, or doing something else – 

but thank you for teaching us about God.”

·        His faithful supply for our chapter’s financial needs – if you sense God 

urging you to partner with us, please go to our chapter’s homepage and 

click on “Donate Now” – www.cef3rivers.org

·        The faithful men and women who volunteer to teach and lead our chapter’s 

Good News Clubs®

·        His plan to make our 2023 summer ministry fruitful – we are asking Him to 

give us at least two young people as summer missionaries – He has a 

righteous plan

·        His precious, trustworthy, and eternal Word

·        Our chapter’s TCE Level 1 students who are learning and preparing for 

their Bible lesson practicums on December 3

·        Tina Blackburn’s improvement – feeling better and eating better – she is 

looking for the Lord’s choice of a surgeon for need upcoming surgery

Our great God is worthy of all praise and worship!  Thanks for joining in

 our fellowship of prayer and praise.  Blessings – Mike, Hebrews 12:1 - 3

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