HOLD THE ROPE for the week of February 12, 2018


 * Andrea, she is doing better
*  The kids at Chaney-Monge School – eager to hear and learn and beginning
to grasp truth and apply it – more than rote
*  His perfect provision for our needs


*  Adam and Andrea’s wedding this coming Saturday – everyone will remain
healthy; that their ceremony will honor and exalt the Lord Jesus
*  Our Good News Clubs® taking place this week – please continue to pray for
Coal City because the volunteers are having a difficult time attracting kids
so ask the Lord to bring some children to that club
*  The chapter’s local board meeting this Tuesday evening – welcoming a new
member, Rick
* The chapter’s February finances – in order to meet all obligations we will
need $8,500 by February 28 – our great God is more than able
* So many who are dealing with the flu (it has hit our state director’s family in
a big way)
 *The children of our nation – latest stats tell us that less than 30% of
Generation Z have been exposed to God – this generation of children and
young teens are the least Christianized generation ever! Pray with me that
more believers will sense the urgency to share the truth with today’s
* The chapter’s TCE™ students (because of the snow last weekend’s Level 1
classes were cancelled) – pray that all will be ready for practicums when
next we meet
* A solid team of volunteers may be assembled for the Good News Club at
JeNeir School in Kankakee County (Momence); both Rockdale School and
Hermansen School will begin their clubs the end of this month – ask the
Lord to prepare the hearts of the children for these clubs

 Summer missionaries – we are asking the Lord to give us two or three solid
young people with tender hearts and a willingness to learn
Thanks for taking time to pray with me – the prayers of God’s people are
important to the work of the Lord. Blessings - Mike


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