HOLD THE ROPE for the week of January 14, 2019


·        Bella’s safe arrival and start of her internship here in our chapter

·        His wonderful Word – how blessed we are to have this marvelous, trustworthy, eternal, true message from God – what a joy it is to open, read, allow the Holy Spirit to speak to us from this magnificent Book

·        The opportunity to reach boys and girls with the gospel of grace


·        Bella – ask the Lord to draw her closer to Himself and use her for His glory; ask the Lord to provide her with a reliable car that is safe and ready to roll – He is able; pray for her as she completes her letter to friends and associates and ask Him to provide her with a team of partners in prayer and finances

·        The administration of Rockdale School – the team has been finger printed and now we will reapply for room use – ask the Lord to give us access

·        The boys and girls of North Korea – they need the opportunity to hear about Jesus and respond to Him

·        The after-school Good News Clubs® that are once again running and those which will soon begin

·        Our Illinois state director, Katrina – under a very heavy and demanding workload

·        The Wordless Book training which is scheduled to conclude this Saturday at Mt. Olive Baptist Church – pray for the ten workers this week as they practice using this method and that they each will be ready next Saturday to present the Wordless Book

·        The chapter’s financial needs – in order to meet all of January’s obligations, we will need at least $9,500 by January 30 – He is able, He has shown us over and over again His ability to keep His promise

·        The children Steve and I have the joy to work with at our home church – week after week in children’s church

·        Three to four summer missionaries – ask the Lord to possibly prepare a high school young man living in the Morris area to be one of these summer workers

I can’t do this work of God without your help in prayer – as you stand by the “stuff” and “hold the rope” for me and all of us here in Three Rivers, you enable us and others to reach the hearts and lives of children.  Thank you - Mike

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