HOLD THE ROPE for the week of November 12, 2018

“When God is our greatest joy, then prayer becomes more of a loving

relationship than a commercial transaction.” - Warren Wiersbe

 * The kids at Jones School who are so very eager to know more and more
about the Lord Jesus – and also thank the Lord for Marilyn and her team
who faithfully teach; also for our GNC at Je-Neir in Momence – our lead
teacher, Linda communicates that the children are so eager to hear! We

thank and praise Him.

*  The payment of the chapter’s annual insurance bill

*  The many new people who attended the fall banquet – there was such a
good spirit among the folks there

*  Bella who this week completes her studies at CMI – she will graduate on
Friday; please pray for Steve, Sue, and myself as we travel to Warrenton
MO for this occasion; continue to pray for Bella as she prepares for her
Three Rivers ministry – ask the Lord to raise up a team –no, an army, of
prayer and financial supporters for her

*  the GNC in Coal City – struggling to attract children; please ask the Lord to
encourage the hearts of the workers and give them insight how to get kids
to the club so they may hear

*  Thursday clubs especially – we have five clubs meeting on Thursdays:
Saratoga, Je-Neir,  Free Christian Center in Kankakee, Irene King,
and Jones. Pray for tender hearts among the children and blessing on the
faithful volunteers.

*  The chapter’s local board as it meets this Tuesday evening – thank the Lord
for the men and women who serve the Lord there

*  The chapter’s November finances – in order to meet all obligations we will
need $8,750 by November 30 – He is able!

 The state staff meeting scheduled in Peoria for next Monday, November 19
– pray for safety as we travel – I think Bella will be coming with the NW
Chapter staff!

 * For those, like you, who diligently and faithfully pray, give, and serve – they
are obedient to the leading of the Lord – what joy it is to obediently listen

for His voice and be made confident in Him

*  Those at our International Headquarters who write and produce our CEF
Press® curriculum – may they continually be faithful to His Word with
creative methods

Thank you for standing by us and loving the children the way our Lord does.
Blessings on you - Mike


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