HOLD THE ROPE for the month of July 2017

“Keep your chins up and your knees down – we are on the victory side.”

·        Dr. Alan Redpath


·        His tender goodness

·        His victories given during the Illinois Missionary Training School and our chapter’s day camp – He provided His safety, provision, and supply.  During the training school the state ministered to more than 90 children and more than 20 received the Lord Jesus as Savior

·        His eternal and precious Word


·        The 5-Day Clubs® meeting throughout the chapter during this month – from Bolingbrook to Kankakee and in between

·        The children who will be attending – ask the Lord to bring them and prepare their hearts to hear and believe

·        Safety as we travel from site to site

·        Our week in Pembooke Township – July 24 – a community with tremendous need and children who are ready to hear the truth of the Lord Jesus

·        Leah and Angela and their family as they travel this month to Lebanon to work with children – pray for their safety and effectiveness

·        The chapter’s financial needs for July – in order to pay all of our obligations, we will need $8,750 by July 30 – remember, He is able

·        The chapter’s prep for the August 12 back-to-school event here in Shorewood; pray for Val especially as she directs this effort; pray the event will help meet the needs of many students and the gospel will be shared in an effective manner

·        Those children who have received the Lord Jesus—pray they will want to be part of the Illinois Truth Chasers Club® so they may grow in Him

·        The children of North Korea – pray with us that the ministry of CEF may be able to reach into that needy country so that many children can hear the truth of the gospel and have the opportunity to receive the Lord Jesus

·        The 5-Day Clubs meeting throughout the state – ask the Lord to give safety to the teams as they drive and that many children here in Illinois will come to the Savior this summer

·        A friend of CEF who is dealing with cancer—she has faithfully served the Lord with us in this chapter

Thank you for standing with us in prayer this summer – you are a vital part of this ongoing ministry to children and families.  It pleases our God when His people bow the knee in dependence upon Him.  Thanks - Mike

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