HOLD THE ROPE for the week of June 7, 2021


·        Glorious future our mighty God has planned for every born-again believer

·        The beginning of the Illinois training school – in Northwest.  Northeast,

          Lincolnland, Central, and Southern Chapters

·        The unfailing richness of His righteous grace and mercy


·        The training which will continue throughout the state this week; pray for willing

           and tender hearts, ready to receive what the Lord has for each individual

·        Endurance among CEF staff and summer workers

·        Preparation this summer of children’s hearts to hear the truth of the gospel and

           then be ready to choose Jesus as Savior; also pray for safety in travel and

          health for the staff and summer workers

·        Mike as he begins at-home dialysis on Monday evening

·        The Three Rivers Chapter committee as they meet on Tuesday evening

          considering several topics

·        Steve and Val as they prepare to record this week – a special requested project

           for a local church VBS

·        The preparation and provision of the chapter’s August “Back2School” event – it 

           will once again be a curbside pick-up after each family has watched a 

          specially prepared video sharing the truth of the gospel; school supplies are

           needed (valarie@cef-will.org)

·        For a few more people who are willing to host a Zoom 5-Day Club®  for this

           summer – interested or have questions?  Contact our office at 815.741.0366

            or email us at office@cef-will.org

·        The hearts of children who will be attending the chapter’s summer clubs – pray

            that many will choose Jesus as Savior

·        Al Blackburn – doing well

·        June’s financial needs – the chapter will need gifts totaling $9,500 by June 30 in

          order to meet all budgeted obligations  – He is always able and can be fully

           trusted! !  If you would like to share in this ministry – go to www.cef3rivers.org

           and click on the “Donate Now” button –thanks much

·        Ruth Johnson – and her son Lex

·        A spirit of creativity as Mike writes a script for the “Back2School” gospel video –

          pray it will communicate the love of God and His provision for the forgiveness

          of sin

·        The children of North Korea

·        A school official whom Steve is building a relationship with – pray he will be a 

           source for 5-Day Clubs this summer and help in the fall with one of our

           chapter’s school districts to establish Good News Clubs®

·        The CEF leadership for international ministry as well as ministry here in Illinois – 

          please keep our state director, Katrina in prayer

·        That the 20-year-old US Supreme Court decision allowing us equal access to the

           public schools will stand strong

Thank you for your prayer fellowship – you are important to this ministry of 

      reaching children for Christ!  Blessings - Mike


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