HOLD THE ROPE for the week of September 13, 2021

Together let’s praise the Lord –

 For His sovereign and righteous plan

 For His supply of technology so that many children and families may be

reached with the truth and encouraged in the Lord

 For His love – nothing or no one can separate us from the God who loves us

(Romans 8:38 and 39)

Please join us in prayer for –

 Anna, one of our local committee members, who is dealing with a

potentially serious physical condition – she has a scheduled biopsy for

September 21

 Sue – after a recent stress test, her cardiologist is asking her to do an

angiogram on September 27 – pray that it will reveal no difficulty

 Our chapter’s Zoom Good News Clubs® that will begin the week of October

5 (Tuesday and Thursday 4:00 – 5:00); pray as we are making this known to

children and families. To register your child go to tinyurl.com/VirtualGoodNewsClub

 Al Blackburn – ask the Lord to strengthen this brother; pray too for Ruth

Johnson and her son, Lex

 Workers and volunteers for our fall ministry

 The buildings and grounds sub-committee to get the front entrance


 September’s financial needs – the chapter will need gifts totaling $9,500 by

September 30 in order to meet all September’s budgeted obligations – He

is always able and can be fully trusted! ! If you would like to share in this

ministry – go to www.cef3rivers.org and click on the “Donate Now” button

–thanks much

 The children of North Korea

 Our approach to local superintendents and administrators inquiring about

after-school activities some time during this school year; we have pledged

to these folks our prayer support for their wisdom and safety of the

children and staff members

 The CEF leadership for international ministry as well as ministry here in

Illinois – please keep our state director, Katrina Forseth in prayer asking the

Lord she keeps her focus on Him and for safety as she often travels

throughout the state

 The local committee meeting being held this Tuesday evening

 Students from across the state who are willing to take Teaching Children

Effectively™ Level 1 via Zoom – any interest? Contact valarie@cef-will.org

Praise the Lord we have this magnificent tool of prayer! We may actually talk

with our mighty God and He hears and answers. What a joyful truth! Thanks

for interceding for us. Mike


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