HOLD THE ROPE for the week of May 13, 2019


 ·        Bella who successfully got her driver’s licens

·         A generous donor who has stepped up to finance all of our summer ministry

·        The completion of our chapter’s TCE Level 1 class – pray for the three students (Ken, Rowie, and Mike) as they do what is necessary to complete their class requirements 



Many of the chapter’s after-school Good News Clubs® which will be completed this week; although two schools will continue for one more week and they are R. C. Hill and Irene King – pray for the children asking the Lord to do a wonderful work of eternity in their lives and hearts

A letter Bella mailed last week to many with updates and invitations to join her ministry partners – pray it will be used of the Lord to communicate

Another letter mailed out on Friday to all of the Rockdale School kids and their families promoting our free day camp (June 17 – 21), the Truth Chasers Club ministry, and a special 5-Day Club® we are planning for a park in Rockdale across the street from the school – pray this will also be effective and help many of those children to grow in their new-found faith

Val as she focuses her efforts on the August 10 back to school event; pray too that a local church will follow through with a promised gift to help us with the costs of that event

  Steve as he continues to set up 5-Day Clubs for our summer ministry – he still has some spots open,  and if you live in our chapter area and would like to host a club contact him at:  steve@cef-will.org

The state staff meeting in Peoria this Thursday – ask the Lord to grant us all safety as we travel and wisdom as we plan for the state summer missionary training school and summer work

The chapter’s May finances – in order to meet all obligations, we will need the Lord to provide $9,500 by May 30 – indeed, He is able!  If you would sense His leading to participate and partner with us, go to www.cef3rivers.org and click on the “Donate Now” button.  Thanks so much.

The Lord will supply us with at least 20 children for our Free June 17 – 21 day camp – we have seven registrations, thus far

The children of North Korea – those dear little ones need to hear the gospel so they may choose the Lord Jesus as Savior

Please continue your faithful work and ministry of prayer – what you do before the throne of God plays a mighty role in the ministry He has called us to.  Thanks.  Please also note – the next ROPE will be published for the week of May 27 – taking a week of vacation beginning May 20.  Also note our office will be open because Bella will be in each day.  Again, thanks so much for your love and concern.  Blessings - Mike  

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