HOLD THE ROPE for the week of January 27, 2020


Continued good news – Al completed his six weeks of radiation/chemo treatments and has four weeks off, then he will begin six more weeks of just chemo.  That’s the plan – Al is strong in the Lord and physically.  Please continue to pray for complete restoration.


·        Repair of our boiler – we are once again warm in the building and have consistent heat!

·        Rick Lindgren who has completed the application for membership on our local committee – he will participate with others this Saturday for a day-long training.  We hope to get state board approval for him sometime in March.  Thank the Lord for this devoted man.

·        Our mighty God and His Word – personally speaking, I am amazed at the depth of truth found therein.  We are so blessed to have this marvelous and eternal Book.


·        Our State Director, Katrina – she will be speaking at the state capital on Tuesday sharing in a prayer meeting the ministry of after-school Good News Clubs® -- pray for clarity and pray that she will choose to be in the control of the Holy Spirit.  This is quite an honor and privilege.

·        Rick Dobczyk – his plane is scheduled to return to Chicago on Monday from his two-week missions trip to Africa.  Pray for safety in flight and also that this trip will be a life-changer for this dear man.

·        The chapter’s Good New Clubs meeting throughout the chapter area

·        A church in Kankakee County that is considering changing their annal VBS ministry into 5-Day Club® ministry for this coming summer. This is exciting to us and we want God’s direction for that church and for the potential effect it can have on the surrounding neighborhoods in that county

·        Steve has he conducts an internet meeting this coming Thursday morning seeking to nail down plans for the state Summer Missionary Training School

·        Bella as she plans and prepares for a three-day fund-raising trip the weekend of February 15 – 17.  Please ask the Lord to help her find favor with friends and family.

·        State-wide training taking place this Saturday here at our Shorewood campus.  Our State Director will be here to give training to new members of local committees from the northern CEF Chapters.  Pray for safety in travel and effectiveness

·        The chapter’s newsletter that was mailed out last week – may it be an effective piece of communication

·        The chapter’s financial needs for January.  In order to meet the January budget, we will need $12,000 by January 30.  He is able.  If you sense God urging you to become a partner in this way, please go to our chapter website (www.cef3rivers.org) and click the “Donate Now” button on the opening page.

Thanks so much for your faithful participation in this prayer fellowship for the people and ministry of this CEF Chapter!  You are the wind beneath our wings.  Blessings - Mike


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