HOLD THE ROPE for the month of July, 2018


·        A great local week of day camp – twelve kids and a host of excellent volunteers – God is so very good!

·        Illinois summer missionary training school – Pastor Bob Coon was a great chaplain, really used of God; the Lord gave the state some outstanding summer missionaries – godly and teachable

·        His perfect supply our needs


·        Val as she recruits workers for the August 11 chapter back-to-school event – please ask the Lord for His perfect provision of workers and supplies to distribute

·        The chapter’s 5-Day Clubs® meeting throughout the month – ask the Lord to work in the hearts of these dear children who come; pray for safety and our power in Him

·        The chapter staff as we participate in two local church events aiding them with face painting – may we be an encouragement to them and perhaps even build bridges of future ministry partnership

·        The financial needs for July – in order to remain in the black, we will need $8,500 by July 30 – He is able

·        Steve as he communicates with 5-Day Club hosts

·        The children of North Korea – ask the Lord to enable those dear kids to hear the gospel

·        The chapter’s future staff fund – pray that the Lord’s people will sense this need and give so we may find the person of God’s choice – we have spoken to a young lady about the possibility – please pray for her

·        The ongoing work of chapters and the camp throughout the state this summer – pray that hundreds of children will hear the truth of the gospel and choose the lord Jesus as Savior

·        The chapter’s August 11 back-to-school event – ask the Lord to use our lives and this effort to encourage many families and pray that the gospel presentation with be effective and used by the Holy Spirit – we are totally dependent upon Him; as already stated, pray especially for Val as she heads up this day and prepares

Thank you for standing with us in these busy days – we want to always keep the words of our Savior in the forefront of our minds and will – “It is not the will of your Father who is in heaven, that one of these little ones perish”  (Matthew 18:14).  Thanks so much!


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