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Our country is facing some unprecedented changes! Knowing God is in control and has a plan and purpose through all these events, we all continue trusting Him. Our desire is to continue the mission to share the Good News of His Son, the Lord Jesus Christ, with children, despite the circumstances and restrictions. We are pleased to share several resources to continue your learning of God's Word during this time of restricted gatherings. 

                    Missions Ignite
Children, families, and churches -- you are invited to join us for true, and often breath-taking adventures of missionaries, men and women who have dedicated themselves to God so others may hear and know about the one true God!  Featured missionary stories of people like Cameron Townsend (founder of Wycliffe Bible Translators), Isobel Kuhn (a pioneer missionary to China with OMF), John Cook, and others!  It is reported that 80% of missionaries on the field today, sensed God's call to serve Him before they were 10 years old!  We must expose our children to missions.  These short episodes may be used each week for a continued true story.

                                    Episode #1
                                           Episode #2

                                Episode #3

                                Episode #4

                                Episode #5

                              Episode #6

                     Stay tuned for more episodes 

                                            Virtual 5-Day Club! 
                                      Five Episodes recorded right here @CEF Three Rivers
                                                             Episode #1

                                                        Episode #2

                                                          Episode #3

                                                        Episode #4

                                    Episode #5


Kids Draw the Bible

These 30 devotionals will help young children, ages 6-8, understand the BIG picture of the Bible.

Each kid-friendly devotional includes:

·    Prayer starters to help them talk to God

·         Bible verses to help them apply what they’ve read

·         Questions to help them talk about what they’ve learned

Are your kids ready to get the BIG picture of God’s Word?

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Stop The Spread

Are your kids anxious in these days? God’s promises in this pamphlet will help them fight the spread of fear! 

Download a FREE copy here

Good News Radio

What is the Good News? Tune in to Good News Radio to find out. In teaching truths from God’s Word, CEF® storytellers will use dynamic stories that children will love—these include true lessons about Jesus, examples from historical figures, and even exciting fictional stories!

Why does each episode point children to Christ? Because He is the Good News that changes everything!

To listen this week's episode, click here. 

Wonder-Fun Bible Activity Book

Looking for a fun children’s activity? Check out the Wonder-Fun activity book! Geared for children of all ages, this activity book is filled with coloring pages, puzzles, activities, mazes, word scrambles, drawing activities, and much more!

Wonder-Fun is an action-packed Bible activity book that shares the Good News of Jesus Christ and keys in Christian growth. The different activities help children to understand the truths of God’s Word. Your children will have a blast with Wonder-Fun!

                                                     Download your copy for FREE. 


The Greatest Doctor

The coronavirus is a huge problem, but this brochure reveals our even bigger problem! Find God’s solution through His Son, Jesus Christ. Get answers for yourself, your child, and others in your life as you read and share this thought-provoking message

                                                        Download your FREE Copy

Stuck at Home Devotional

This set of 30 Stuck at Home Devotionals is designed to help kids deal with challenges they may be facing during this difficult time around the world. Each devotional has been carefully selected from our Wonder Devotional Series to help children recognize that God is still in control, and to give them practical help in relying on Him to help them through.

These devotionals will come to your email. You can print them for your child to read and think about, let them read it from your device, or forward it to their device. Reading and discussing each devotional along with your child would further enhance the value and may give you a springboard for further helpful conversation.

Do You Wonder Why?

This short booklet and video begins to answer questions that are on everyone’s minds: Why do so many bad things happen in the world? Why did God allow this to happen? How can I get through this terrible time? CEF has distributed millions of copies of Do You Wonder Why? booklet.  or read the digital copy of the booklet click here

In the first century, a group of children meet together to talk about what they've seen and heard about Jesus. Some believe Jesus is the Son of God. But others think Jesus may just be tricking the people.

The children follow Jesus around, witness His miracles, and listen to Him teach. Jesus raises a girl from the dead, calls imperfect people like tax collectors to follow Him, teaches everyone to be kind and gracious to each other, and lets a woman wash His feet with tears. He teaches in parables no one really understands, calms a raging storm, gives sight to the blind, and helps those who no one sees as worth helping. He shows the children an amazing, powerful, and kind way to live. Benjamin and Sarah talk to the children watching their story about Jesus and what it means to believe who He is and accept Him as their Savior.

Discussion Questions

  1. How do the kids learn about Jesus?
  2. Name three miracles Jesus performs.
  3. Name three things Jesus teaches.
  4. What does Jesus mean to you?
  5. Is He your Savior?


Kids! Call: 1-888-878-8660 If your parents don't mind.

Tel-A-Story operates with a toll-free number 24 hours a day. A child may call to hear a short three minute story and the gospel. If they would like to talk to a counselor, they can press a button afterwards and they will be connected with one who will counsel them on how they can be saved according to the Bible. A different story is available every day, some of them are Bible stories and some are fictional stories that encourage Christian character development.

                                   Free Audio Bible App 
Experience the Word of God like never before. FREE.  Search your app or Play Store for and download it. Look for a red  icon that looks like above. Open and tap the blue button to Select Language. makes it easy for you to read, study, and share God's Word with friends and family around the globe. Hear the Bible brought to life in high quality, dramatized audio in hundreds of languages at home, church, or on the go. For more information visit

The Truth Chasers Club® is an exciting Bible correspondence club designed to disciple children and adults. God has allowed us to reach over 499,000 Truth Chasers since February of 1999!

Hundreds of completed lessons are received in the mail daily!   Dedicated volunteers come from all over the nation to help make a difference in children’s lives through the ministry of the Truth Chasers Club.  They are "the heart" of the ministry as they grade each lesson by hand.  They also pray for each student’s requests and include hand-written notes to encourage the students.  Every lesson is graded, prayed over, and sent back to the student, along with the next lesson in the series.  This is a personal ministry where kids are ministered to every day!

If you have any questions, please email us:

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Sample Lesson Ages 4-5

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Sample Lesson Ages 9-10

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