The Ruth Johnson Lifetime Legacy Award

In 2008 the chapter inaugurated an annual presentation named for a founding committee member, Mrs. Ruth Johnson. Since 1971, Ruth has faithfully served the Lord through the CEF ministry: she has taught Good News Clubs, hosted 5-Day Clubs in her backyard, served on the local committee in various capacities (treasurer, prayer chairman, etc.). She has successfully completed Teaching Children Effectively levels 1 and 2. She has proved to be a valuable member and contributer to this chapter's ministry, always encouraging and often mentoring others.
The purpose of this award is to encourage others to follow Ruth's example and foster excellence in ministry to children. Each spring the recipient is named.

Award Qualifications:

1)      A born-again individual who evidences spiritual maturity

2)      Someone with a track record of effective ministry to children

3)      Someone who has had many years of dedicated involvement in CEF ministries

4)      Someone other than full-time CEF ministry staff

5)      Must have more than five years experience in  leading a Good News Club

6)      Someone who has the capacity  for training and/or providing an example to others.
7)     Someone who by life and choice sets the standard and example for children’s ministry.




Award Recipients: 


2015: Marilyn Dixon

2017: Allen and Tina Blackburn

2014: Helen Gibson 
Lorraine Holt

Dr. Jay Fernlund

Marilyn Coutee

Carol Adair

Patricia Sieger and Rosetta Flowers

Ruth Johns


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