The Cross Walk: Introduction

The Spanish-American poet and philosopher George Santayana once said, "There is no cure for birth or death save to enjoy the interval."  Since the dawn of creation, the innate, deep desire to be happy and know to some degree personal joy and satisfaction has been common to man.  This aspiration transcends gender, age, education, and culture.  Why is this prevalent to all?  Because it is part of the Creator's design.
Since this need is so potent, each person goes to great lengths desperately seeking to satisfy its passion.  People look for happiness and contentment around every corner and under every rock.  Unfortunately, many settle for Satan's substitutes, which only have the power to supply a counterfeit happiness that has no staying power.
The Bible demonstrates how God's design perfectly and eternally meets man's need.  More than anything, Jesus Christ wants His beloved creation to know and experience true joy, satisfaction, and freedom.  It all comes as a direct result of obedience to God. 
    Katharine Hepburn, the renowned American film actress once said, "If you obey all the rules you miss all the fun."  This statement summarizes the world's philosophy, making obedience a thing to be shunned.  But properly motivated obedience leads to joy.  First, man must recognize his personal need and become obedient to the gospel of God's grace.  Within the pages of this book is discussed man's individual need for salvation and man's inability to deal with the issue of guilt and sin.  Jesus Christ is the exclusive way to know complete forgiveness and to get a brand-new start.  This is freedom from the penalty of sin.  Second, God wants each born-again believer to know that He graciously provides His supernatural power over sin.  For every child of God, this power is unrestricted and available through obedience.  True obedience, however, is not just rigid compliance to a set of rules and regulations.  Rather, true obedience is the response of knowing and loving God more deeply
 Throughout the book, a simple line drawing of a cross and two circles illustrates the Christian's position in Christ and how that position relates to one's day-by-day walk, choices, and values.  Within these pages can be found basic biblical teaching which accentuates application of these doctrines to practical living.  In the Scriptures we learn that if we have no joy, we have no strength; no strength no power; no power we have no effectiveness; no effectiveness, we have no life, but only a shallow and meaningless existence.

It is my sincere desire that each reader will allow the application of Scripture's liberating truth to release each to enjoy life as God designed.

                                  - jmf