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CEF reaches 10 million children worldwide!

posted May 19, 2010, 12:29 PM by Stephen Fox   [ updated May 20, 2010, 6:39 AM ]
Praise God that over 10 million children around the world that were reached with the Gospel through Child Evangelism Fellowship® workers in this past ministry year!

CEF® President Reese Kauffman said, “We are so blessed in our absolute helplessness—it causes us to recognize God’s power and look at it with amazement! It is no less amazing that the God of all allows us to be part of His plan for humanity—and that in that plan the spiritual life of a child is as important as that of an adult. By His power, we were able to reach over 10 million children in just 12 months, with over 3 million responding to an invitation to accept Christ as Savior! Awesome is an overused word but in this case it is the right word!”

While CEF is the world’s largest ministry to children, CEF workers minister at a personal level. They are physically present in Good News Clubs and 5-Day Clubs; they write personal notes to students of the CEF Mailbox Club and they communicate with children on®. Each worker is well trained for the task. They are there to answer questions, to speak the Gospel boldly, and to counsel and followup when a child receives the Lord.

Reese Kauffman said, “God has called us all to be part of the beautiful process of leading children to Him. Yet there are so many children in this world— and, according to the Population Reference Bureau, there are 380,682 more born each day! I often quote Dr. John Edmund Haggai who said, ‘Attempt something so great for God that it would be doomed to failure unless He be in it.’ That is what we do every day. This task would be completely impossible without the power of God and the prayers of His people!”

God is ready to use us, He has equipped us to be used, He has given us everything we need and given us a generation of children ready and waiting to hear. Will you be part of taking the message to them?